Welcome to Digivoice.

What do we do?

VoIP Phones

We know phones are important to a business. You can trust the design of our systems to ensure as-good-or-better reliability than traditional copper lines.

VoIP Fax Machines

Our patented technology guarantees 100% fax transmission. If your business still requires a physical fax machine, don't worry!

VoIP Paging

We can set up reliable paging for your property through SIP based paging devices from alerts to intercom or bells/buzzers.

VoIP Consulting

Are you not quite sure where to begin? Call us today and we can help you! We offer free consultation services so you can feel confident in your decisions.

Why Digivoice over the competition?

Consider the following when comparing us to other providers:

No contracts.

We are so confident that you will love our service, that we won't need to force you to stay with us. This is where we are different than 90% of providers.

Flat rate billing.

Your bill is based on the amount of average usage, NOT a set amount per phone.* This is where we are different than 90% of providers.

Local Biz.

Our phone systems are backed with free top-rated technical support and training, from local techs. This is where we are different than 90% of providers.

Easy to switch.

Order a system now by clicking "Get Started" above, or contact us to set up a personalized experience!

Super reliable.

The equipment we use is time tested. Plus we know a thing or two about network technology. We guarantee as good or better uptime than your current phone system, using fail safe programming.

Super secure.

Our systems are safe and reliable. We utilize industry standard end-to-end TLS encryption to keep your calls private and secure.

Lifetime Warranty.

Equipment that is purchased from Digivoice comes with a lifetime guarantee that protects against breaks, spills, and wear and tear. As long as you remain a customer, you are covered!

Professional Audio

All of our customers get free access to professional DJ audio recording, to personalize and build their systems.

*Phone system costs are estimated based on the size of your phone system, both in number of phones and minutes used.

Not sure about your internet?

Use the test below to measure your internet quality. You want your ping time to be less than 100ms, and your jitter to be less than 40ms.

What features come with our phone systems?

Personalized Extensions

Each phone can have it's own extension number, allowing calls direct from extension to extension, or customizable options such as call hunting and follow-me.

Cloud Based

Using multiple cloud based servers, we can ensure better-than-copper reliability with your new phone system.

Paging and Intercom

Easily page all phones, or add a full featured paging system including a bullhorn or buzzer!

Text Messaging

Send and receive messages using your business phone number!

Caller ID

See who is calling you before you answer. It's such a standard feature but believe it or not, some businesses don't have it! They are still using phone systems from before this feature!

Soft Phone Support

Create a virtual extension using an app on your cell phone! Make and receive calls as if you were still at the office!

Music On Hold

Take advantage of your customers' ears. While you have them on hold, advertise your products and services to them!

Personalized Voicemail

Each extension on your phone system can have it's own mailbox. Or you can have one mailbox shared between the whole company.

Voicemail to Email

Out of the office and miss a call? Setup voicemail to email service and get a copy of the caller information and message delivered right to your email inbox.

Automatic Backups

We manage and protect your phone server including running weekly backups and updated in case of an emergency.

Call Flow Management

Need to make changes to the way your phone system works? Simply call, email, or text us and we can make the changes immediatly!

Fail Safe Backups

We custom program a route for your business calls from start to end. We look at every possible place a call could get lost and create routes to connect them with you in any event.

Who are some of our current clients?

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